Who are we?

In early 2013 our team got together, united by the dream of a simple, connected life. From this the idea of Judbox was born, and launched a few months later.

We make use of powerful tools and are working tirelessly to create a beautiful product which works in exactly the way you would expect. We spend our days exploring the full potential of our phones and experimenting with ways to make a connected life easier to achieve.


Our team has a diverse range of skills but are unified in being obsessive about simplicity and customer experience. We believe diversity gives us a good handle on the problems we're trying to solve for our customers, and the technical skills to solve them.

Work with us

We love technology and have our fingers on the ever marching pulse of the industry. We are pythonista's with quick development times and a rasor sharp focus on customer needs. We're after people who love to speak with our customers and help make their lives more awesome, be that with code or conversation. So if you're UK based and terrific, please drop us a line.