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1. Can the NSA, GCHQ, CIA, etc. listen in and/or read my texts?

In short - probably.

We haven't handed over the keys to the kingdom and should we ever get asked to we will of course seek legal council on this. However, we've read the same newspaper articles as you and are under no illusions that even if we held our ground it is likely that the might of these agencies is likely to overwhelm our legal and technological efforts to keep your private things private.

As anyone well versed in the internet will tell you, it is very difficult to keep digital secrets. If you have secrets to keep, it may be worth using old fashioned techniques like invisible ink on paper and one time cyphers.

2. Do you have a mobile app?

Yup. We've got an iPhone app - check it out in the AppStore.

We're working on increasing the features in the iPhone app, and will also be releasing an Android app in the near future.

3. What do the different methods of calling mean?

Okay - so you can call from your Judbox number in a few different ways depending on what device you're on.

CallOut Code

If you call your Judbox number from one of your Forwarding Numbers it'll ask you which number you want to dial. A CallOut Code is a shortcut that saves you having to dial in the number when you call.

CallOut Codes are generated automatically when you call from the mobile app , or if you select the CallOut Code option in the web browser.

Browser call

If you're on a laptop or tablet this ones for you. It makes the call using the internet connection - similar to Whatsapp calls except you can call real telephone numbers. It's not available on iPhone or iPad though as Apple hasn't built in support just yet.

Call me

Recently Trish was in a Moroccan hotel. It was amazing but the wifi was patchy and Judbox calls were tricky. Calls made from her hotel room landline were super expensive. So, Trish built a little feature that had Judbox call her hotel landline and then when she answered, it connected to the customer she was trying to dial. Great work Trish!

4. What is a Forwarding Number?

Forwarding Numbers help you in two ways.

1. Customers can reach you anywhere using 1 number

Imagine a client of yours sees your Judbox number advertised somewhere. They decide to call / message it. We forward their call / message to the Forwarding Number(s) you have selected. For example, you could have your calls forwarded to your desk phone and your mobile phone, or different members of your team. The first person to answer (and press 1 to accept the call) will take the call. A great example of this in action is given by Pierre who uses Judbox to help run his a bike repair business in France.

2. Make calls and send messages via your Judbox number.


If you call your Judbox number from a Forwarding Number a nice robot-lady will ask you for the number you want to call. Once you've dialled in the number she'll put you through and the caller-id on the recipients phone will show your Judbox number.

You can save yourself from having to dial in the number by using a CallOut Code


If you send a message from a Forwarding Number to your Judbox number it'll forward the message to the last person that messaged you. It'll show the sender as your Judbox Number.

5. Why do some calls come through with strange numbers e.g. 464?

When phone numbers are withheld they occasionaly show up as unusual numbers. These numbers often vary by operator.

6. When I call my Judbox number it dials me back immediately - why?

You've probably withheld your number. For Judbox to recognise you we need to be able to see the number you're calling from.

7. Why are calls are not being sent to my browser?

We support the most up to date versions of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. For all browsers except Chrome, you need to make sure you haven't disabled Flash. Flash is typically installed and enabled by default.

8. How much does it cost?

All of the costs are broken down at https://judbox.com/legal#rates

Truth be told, it's not an ideal way to break down cost and we're working on a simpler presentation - to be released soon.

9. Why are my outbound calls via Judbox are costing me minutes / money from my phone company?

There are two legs to any phone call. From the originator to Judbox and then from Judbox to the recipient. So the charges are usually as follows:

    Originator -> Judbox
  1. Carrier charges in minutes or money
  2. Judbox charges a small amount for the incoming call
  3. Judbox -> recipient
  4. Judbox charges for the outgoing call

You can reduce the cost of outbound calls by calling via your computer browser.

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